Born in Manhattan and raised on Long Island, Mallis lived in Athens from 1990 - 2013 and is currently living in Boston, MA.  She studied at Boston University’s School of Fine Arts and she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Arcadia University, PA. She continued her studies at New York University, NY where she received a Masters of Arts in arts administration. Mallis has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Boston and  Greece (i.e. Piano Craft Gallery, arteshop, Athens, Jill Yakas Gallery, Gallerie 3, Vourkariani, Cheap Art, Statement, Booze Cooperativa). Her posts include Gallery Director at the Piano Craft Gallery, public relations associate at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York and at the New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York as acting director of public relations.


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Pares Mallis’ flowers are always fresh, alive and intoxicating, even when they suggest a celebrative event or remembrance of a long gone love.
With a definite reference to expressionism, and an abstract disposition, Mallis’ work brings us an excessive rendition of reality with its ultimate execution successfully attaining the essence of the subject matter.
She connects the sea, the earth and nature in her work.

Annita Patsouraki

Art Historian


Water Paintings
Seaweed, plankton, micro-organisms, amoebas, phosphorescent plants and translucent jellyfish that flash like fireflies in the dusk – this is the material that feeds Pares Mallis’ imagination. All the diverse universe that stirs gently on the sea-bed is given
shape and form, color and hue, in the light blues, the greens, the dark blues and mauves that the artist uses as she skillfully gives substance on the canvas.
Behind all this, the artist expresses a philosophy and a purpose: to recreate and reanimate the world in its protoplasmic and original form. To depict the very meaning of life in the cells of which it is composed, and at the same time to remind us discreetly of the life-giving power of water. Nevertheless, the artist avoids any shrill ecological proclamation of the threat posed to the entire planet by the shortage of water and our wasteful use of it. Instead, she paints in whispers, echoes and reverberations we may catch the voices of Mirό, Rothko, Georgia O’Keeffe and the other modernists.
Pares Mallis is a descendent of the abstract expressionists yet does not experiment in the name of some avant-garde style from which all the juice has been squeezed. On the contrary, she attempts to reconcile it with a fertile re-reading of it. Thus her work
acquires the sense of an ominous prophesy that undermines the future.

Chrysa Kakatsaki

Art Historian

Extracts from H20 exhibition catalogue, Jill Yakas Gallery, Athens 2003